Friday, January 16, 2009

Six Inches Deep

Brrrrrrr....I don't know about you, but it is cold here, like -10 without wind chill factoring into the problem ... I could tolerate some warm Puerto Rico weather right about know... I may have to post about my trip there, but that is another day!

While it was snowing yesterday, I got the brilliant idea to go out and get some pics of the snow falling. I grabbed my camera; layered on some hats, pants, shirts, gloves, and boots; and bravely faced the great out doors...okay, so just my neighborhood. I was able to get a lot of pics from the houses, here are some of them. I completely missed GBBD, so this is my make up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Spring Fever

It is so close to spring I can almost taste it! Ah! I don't know about you, but I have been flooded with a ton of gardening catalogs! All of which have beautiful, vivid pictures of the new and old. And if you are not careful, yikes you can be caught up in them all; placing orders here and there. Eventually, you've spent a ton of cash. Being a teenager, in school, and having a small stream of cash; makes it hard for me to be able to buy all the things that catch my eye. So I have decided to practice restraint! So how can you overcome the winter blues, and still not break the bank?
  • First, decide what companies you want to order from, I like to pick only two or three. Pick the ones that are reputable or ones that you have ordered with before. There are many websites that have reviews for many companies that are out there. One that I have recently found was Dave's Garden. Here you can just click the the first letter of any gardening company, and it will instantly bring you a list of all the companies that have been reviewed!
Some good companies that I have had great success with are; Jung Seed Co., Seeds of Change, Park's Seeds, and Garden Alive.
  • Its okay to look at the onslaught of magazines that flood you in the spring, but try to remember that many of the nurseries in your area may grow some of the plants you are looking at. Always call your nursery and ask them if they will be getting of the plants that you are looking at, if not, it doesn't hurt to ask if they can...all they can say is no.
  • Last but not least, once you have decided what catalogs you will be ordering from, remember to look at their websites. Many companies have web specials. Just like it sounds, you can only get those specials if you order online. So be sure and look! Also be sure to order as soon as you can. Many times, if you wait too long, the things you want will be gone!
I hope that these little tips will help you when it comes time to ordering. Remember, if you have any questions, let me know. I am always eager to help!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

OK, well we have a lot to catch up with. There was Christmas Eve, Christmas, and of course New Years! While I am here, Happy New Year. I hope that your Christmas and every other holiday was wonderful! I know mine was. I know that I usually just post garden pics, but I must show off my lovely family! After all, if I didn't what type of brother/son would I be!

One year in 40 seconds from Eirik Solheim on Vimeo.

Okay, never mind, I can't show you any pictures. I can't find my camera at the moment. You may remember last time when I lost my camera cord, well this time it is my camera. I know that the camera is somewhere in the house, but we have had allot of people over because of the New Year, so hopefully I will find it soon! Again, if you have any suggestions on finding it, let me know!

Any way Happy NEW YEAR!