Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Garden at Rest

So as you can imagine, since it is Fall, the leaves are falling. Obvious statement, right. Well, what most of us don't realize is that the very leaves that fall from our trees are packed full of nutrients for our yards. Just look at the forests in the US. The soil under that canape of trees is some of the richest soil anywhere. Why, because of all the organic matter that is produced and not removed. I'm not saying that we should never rake our leaves or clean them out of the road. If we did that, we would have a lot of upset neighbors. What I am saying is that why not use them to dress our gardens. I did this last year with some success. The problem I ran into was that I did not shred my leaves fine enough, so they didn't break down nearly as fast as I wanted. Last year, I used my leaf blower (I don't know why they call them this since I was not blowing but sucking the leafs), and it didn't shred the leafs well enough. This year I mowed them...twice! And they got really fine. So I am expecting them to break down much faster. A couple of days ago, my next-door-neighbor wanted to be really nice and mow up all of our leaves. He DIDN'T get far. I ran outside and asked him not to mow them, so that I could...I wanted to keep them... As you can imagine, he just gave me this funny look, and said "okay". So here we are. I want to expand my veggie garden, so I will be doing something similar to Lasagna Gardening, developed by Patricia Lanza. We will see how I do. In the garden now is a lone Arugula plant and some Broccoli plants. so my garden is not at complete rest!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Last Farm Blog

So I know I did not blog a lot this past summer, even though I promised I would. As you can imagine, my summer has been a whirl wind! Since my internship has ended, it seemed only fitting to to give the farm one last farewell. So here is my encomium to the Farm...

Thanks to the interns, pets, and of course the amazing Farmer Dick; I had one of the best summers of my life! Even with all the summers filled with camps and fun trips to other countries, this one has been by far the best. I learned so much; some dealing with agriculture and some not so much. The first week of leaving the farm, was really sad. I felt so homesick, I had even started calling the Farm my home. For six months I had lived there, cooked there, made friends, laughed, cried, and jammed with some of the neatest people I have met. So I guess, in some way, this post is a tribute to them along with the farm. You always hear about studies that say the more you laugh the younger you get. Laughter does good like medicine. Well if that is the case, I should end up being a very healthy very young baby. I have tlaughed more hardily there, than any one place. I can remember he good times that we spent on top of my camper, just talking with the other interns and having an all around good time.

When I had first found out about this opportunity to intern on an organic farm. I was so excited, but in some ways, I had mixed emotions. I had only met Dick (the Farmer) at market. What would it be like to live with him the entire summer? I have to admit, there was some apprehension about it. But it was awesome, there was no TV, no internet, for the longest time I didn't even have a radio. This is part of the reason I only posted twice. But I kinda liked it that way. Even since being home, I've watched very little television. I loved all the cows, the horses, donkey, dog, cat, chickens, and people. Oh by the by; all the previous chickens got eaten, so the old ones are no more. But I incubated some more from the old chickens fertilized eggs. So, we have more now! One of the interns, found a puff mushroom that was over 8lbs! it was bigger than both of our heads, and probably heavier too....hehehehe. jpk.