Saturday, December 25, 2010

So This is Christmas

"So this is Christmas and what have done?" Ok so maybe this is a song and not a great way to start a blog. But really, how has your Christmas been. For me it has gone very fast! I am still working at the garden center, and really love it. I promise I haven't forgotten about you all. I was, for a moment, going to delete my blog; but then I showed it to a friend and thought I should still keep it. The people who are there are so real and I love it! It has been a little slower than in the spring, but surprisingly busier. We have been making wreaths, baskets, and grave-blankets. I really enjoy making them, and am very good at it. Mine are usually the first ones to be sold. There are pictures of some of the ones that I made. Sam and I work together quite frequently. We work very well together, and have lots of fun acting silly and singing Christmas songs. Sam and I are planting bulbs for forcing (without our bosses knowledge.)...shhhh don't tell. I will post something on them when I get a chance.