Monday, April 19, 2010

My New Career Adveture

I know that it has been a long time since I have updated the blog. This past quarter threw me for a loop! I am now just getting back on tract! But I did get all A's in my classes! Yay for me. This quarter is so much easier than last (anything would be easier in comparison.). Its a good thing too. Why, you may ask. Because, i got a new job. Not just any new job! A new job at a garden center. It is a really awesome place too. I kinda float around, either at the register or in the green house. I like it this way, because I can still experience life in the greenhouse with the plants, but also with the customers. A good medium for me. Plus I get a discount! I like the sound of that. They have me working a lot here, I don't mind though. Since school isn't so hard, it gives me a chance to get some extra cash so that I can pay for the next couple of quarters. I also get the chance to rescue plants that would end up in the trash, bring them back to life, and plant them in my yard! Fun. So that is where I stand. I am actually writing this at school (shows you how much extra time I have), and all I can think about is going outside to be in my yard...I need to get pics before all the tulips are done blooming.