Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spring Updates

Hey Kids! I know there isn't much happening outside, but I already have spring fever. Such a bad time for this. I think I'll start my leeks and onions soon. Maybe the end of the month. The "girls" are doing well and laying eggs often. I am getting an average of 3.10 eggs per day. Wait Zach, you may ask, how are you getting 3.10 eggs? I'm just averaging the number of eggs that I am gathering over the course of them laying. It is so humorous. I never named the chickens, I just called them "the girls". My mother, on the other hand, all of a sudden started talking to me about Georgie, Henrietta, Esther, ect. This was the text I got from her one day.

Mom- "Zach Henrietta in out in the yard!"
Zach- "Okay...and..."
M- "I put her in the coop"
Z- "WHY? Who is Henrietta? Is that a chicken?"

Anyways you get the picture. So now I am getting lots of different colors of eggs. I am selling them now, and all the proceeds are being donated to my local church. I made my coop from a Lil-Tike play house, I'll have to tell you all about it some spring. Unfortunately I lost all of my pics when they were babies :( 

To sign off, here are the girls wishing you 'Good Mornin' while eating their oatmeal breakfast.


RobinL said...

Gardeners and their chickens! I was just telling someone recently how trendy it is for gardeners to keep chickens. What do you think the Home Owners Association would have to say if I tried? Wait, isn't my husband the president of the HOA?

Dr. Swill said...

I've always wanted a couple chickens but my HOA won't allow them. I think we should all give up slaving over a lush green lawn and compete to see who has the best front yard garden!

Still alive and kicking Zach, but just barely.

Peace B

Zach said...

Robin / Dr Swill,

so I never actually talked to my HOA, because I knew they would say no. Currently I am doing it geurella style. My coop is beautiful and blends in with the buildings and same with the run. I also talked with all of my surrounding neighbors. They are all so sweet, plus I promised them eggs ;D so far it been a year and no complaints!

JGilOrganic said...

I got 10 chickens 2 years ago, and I let them out in the yard. The grass hasn't look this green in years! It is a win-win. They eat grass and bugs, and I get fresh eggs!