Friday, May 3, 2013

Bok Choy

This year I have a lot of Really fun greens that I will be planting. One unique green is Bok Choy, sometimes called Pak Choy. I am planting a Red and Green variety. They should be planted every 12" apart, and can be used as a cutting green or harvest all at once, like a one stop shop. Unfortunately they are also susceptible to the vial Flea Beetle. Me and the Flea Beetle are not very good friends, they have destroyed many an eggplant in my garden...Who knows maybe this year we will have better luck. Lets gross our fingers.
Red Bok Choy on Left and Green Bok Choy on Right.

Later on when I harvest, I will post another video on the total process  But here we go...the 1st video ever on this blog.