Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day

Hey all, today is well, obviously October 15. But you may not of known is that today is "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day,"This event was started by Carol who also has a blog. To find her blog just click "HERE." Basically the whole deal with this event is were you post your pics of ALL (or in this case some) of the pictures that I have taken this year. This is my first time I have ever done Garden's Bloggers' Bloom Day.

Here are some pictures of the zinnias that I grew this year. When I was mowing the grass my mower had grabbed one of the flowers and viciously pulled it off. I couldn't make myself throw this flower away, so I decided that I would do a photo shoot. I think I took 192 photos!
These photos turned out great!
I don't know about you all, but I know that my zinnias turned out GREAT this year. They were really beautiful this year.

I also grew a pie pumpkin this year. This was first that I have ever grown pumpkins, I actually grew it by accident. We had actually thrown some pumpin seeds into the compost bin, and there it grew. I saw that plant and left it there, sure enough all of my other squash plants died and this one plant survived and PRODUCED!

I also for the first time I grew Sun flowers, I planted 3 plants and had a great result. They filled up a whole 24oz jar plus one head that I grew for the birds and other animals. They got so BIG, I will be defiantly growing them again next year, and hopefully if I have room, some more too! Maybe later I will post some of the pictures that I have of the sunflowers when they weren't dried. The only thing that I had a problem with, was the spittle bugs that spat all over my sunflowers and basil. I thoroughly despise spittle bugs!

I also grew this year, along with last year, some pink prairie mallow that I bought from Jung's Nursery. That is one online nursery that I really enjoy shopping at! The mallow turned out so nicely this year, with lots of blooms, that just covered the plant. There was an added bonus as shown by the picture, Bees love it! So if you need help with pollination, you may want to consider planting some Pink Prairie Mallow , the leaves are also edible!

I hope you all enjoyed some of the pictures that I posted, I would have put up more (which I have plenty of,) but decided not to.

Oh but I forgot this one, and cannot leave it out. It was early in the morning when I was looking outside and saw at my feeder two finches. I couldn't help but take some pictures, as that my camera is always nearby. Here is one of them!


Racquel said...

Great blooms Zach. Your zinnia bloom is lovely as are the Purple & Pink Veronicas? in the 2nd photo. I haven't seen any more yellow finches at my feeder lately. They must of migrated. ;)

My Mother's Garden said...

Hey Zach!
What a beautiful collection of photos from your garden. I really like the pics of the pumpkin and sunflower heads. I guess I missed out on posting any garden photos for
"Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day," maybe next year :)
Thanks for checking out the interview!

Roses and Lilacs said...

You've got a lot of really pretty photos. I like the two colors of veronica together. Love the sunflowers too. After this year sunflowers have become a favorite.

My Mother's Garden said...

Thanks for the heads up on the dates for "Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day"
Can you tell I'm a newbie blogger? :)
Enjoy your weekend~

tina said...

You take some great shots Zach! Very lovely garden blooms and those sunflowers look great. The birds will be happy.

Dan said...

Nice datura, I have grown the evening fragance one a few times but not lately. I've been growing a peach coloured brugmansia the last few season. It is a really similar plant but it can be keeped growing by bringing it inside and letting it go dormant for the winter. Then I put it out in the spring, it re-shouts and grows again. Very nice plant that just gets bigger and bigger with more and more blooms.

Carol said...

Welcome to garden bloggers bloom day, and thanks for joining in! Looks like you've done very well in your garden this year!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

DP Nguyen said...

What great blooms that you have. They are just so beautiful! The pumpkin is too cute!

Gardenlife said...

A lot of nice pics in your blog...thanks for a nice view... ; )
/Martin-Janne in Sweden

Parsec said...

Awesome pictures, again! Cool blog!

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