Thursday, May 1, 2014


Okay Kids, spring is one of my favorites. I love taking pics of the yard because it only happens once.
Here in Ohio, we have had a strange one. Everything is so Late 3 weeks ago we got SNOW!

And things were just starting to come  up too. look at these baby radishes! Just covered with snow!

My helleborus looks so beautiful with a drop of melting snow on it.

The tulips also took the snow well. but look at the backyard!

Finally I had to go to the nursery and relieve my winter blues! Dills Greenhouse, is a great little nursery that is locally owned and has such genius little ideas, plus Look at all of these summer tropicals!

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RobinL said...

It has been a crazy spring, hasn't it? What do you expect after a winter like that? I like Dill's too, but it gets me in trouble. Too many goodies! But I think my real favorite is Anderson's, because they just have everything!