Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking at a Camera

Hey all, i have not posted in like a week or so, and I will admit that I am a bit of an addict! though not like some people who post once a day ...or MORE!!! You know who you are, go see a chiropractor. I mean a therapist! So I was going to post about my trip to the Orchid Forest, but my parents are out of state, and I cannot get my pictures of the computer yet. So you will have to suffer with me. I will not have any pics that I took on my blog. Instead I have decided to tell you all about the camera I am think of getting; and if you have any input on it, by all means, let me know!

Okay, currently I have a Nikon Coolpix S10, and I really love it! It is a great little camera. Perfect for those people that wont professional looking pics, that come with a cheap price tag, and good quality! It is great because the camera can swivel... I love this Feature!

But I was thinking about getting the Nikon's really new camera, the Nikon D90. This is a really cool professional camera, let me know what you think of this camera. I would love to hear what you all think of it. I had a friend that had the D40, and I got to try it out for a little bit...AMAZING! So I think I am going to get the D90. We will you...literally!


Dan said...

The only thing to consider with camera's is like a computer the camera becomes old technology very quickly but lenses do not. You would be better to purchase a D40 or D60 and spend the rest on lenses.

Good Nikon lenses to start with would be the Nikkor AF-S 18-55mm combined with Nikkor AF-S 70-300mm VR. Another get lens is the Nikkor AF-S 18-200mm VR which almost combines the two lenses above in one so you would never really have to change lenses.

One other camera to look at is the Canon XSi which gives you the same 12 Megapixel but at much better price then the Nikon D90.

I am currently using a Nikon D40. I have been thinking of picking up a Canon XSi as it offers much better prices on longer lenses.

tina said...

Dan, very interesting information on the lenses. I too need a new camera and will be paying close attention. It is hard to choose, but do the lenses change with all these cameras and still they are digital? Zack, let us know what you settle on.

Parsec said...

Glad to see you're considering a digital SLR (like the D90).

I currently have a Canon Digital Rebel XSi, and I love it! The pictures are high resolution (12 megapixels), and they capture colors very well. The thing to consider when purchasing a digital SLR camera is really not so much the camera itself as it is the lenses. You can buy a camera for thousands of dollars, but if you don't have a good lens, the camera can be worthless. That's not to say that you shouldn't choose a good camera, but good lenses are also very important.

I have 3 lenses for my camera: the 18-55mm kit lens, a 50mm portrait lens, and a 100mm macro lens. They are all useful, as I photograph everything from landscapes to tiny flowers.

I hope you are satisfied with the choice you make for a camera, and please let me know what you do choose :)

Zach said...

Dan, what an amazing camera. I had never heard of the Canon XSi. It sounds very similar to the Nikon D90. One of the reasons we are thinking about getting the D90 was that my dad knows where to get a really good price.
I will show it to my dad, and see what he thinks about it. I am very glad you know about this stuff!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I have to agree, the lens is the most important thing. But do remember you don't have to spend big bucks to get great photos.

Robj98168 said...

LOL I still have the same old Sony cam I have had for years- very high tech for it's time- but now it is getting old- I have even repaired the bosy of the camera with epoxy putty- I just hate to get new- Then I have to learn the operation!

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi there Zach! Yes posting & commenting can be crazy sometimes! I think we all feel that way-so just take it at your own pace:)
Wow, cameras--that surely is a fascinating topic!
One year ago, my husband surprised me with my first SLR--the Nikon
D40X. With it, he got me 2 lenses--a Nikkor 18-55mm and a 70-300mm. I have really enjoyed them both (but still haven't read much in the manuels & need to learn so much!).
Now that a year has passed & it's my birthday (again!), he sweetly (!) got me a macro lens, a Nikkor 105mm. I have not used that much and am still trying to understand it. I hope I'm going to like it!

So many people give advice-and there are so many options. I have NO advice to give--just wanted to share what I have.

I was limited by $$$ and how much we could afford. Of course it would be wonderful to have a more powerful lens than my 300mm (I'm getting spoiled now!). But there will always be something better...we just need to work with what we can afford and do the best we can with that!
I know you're going to be thrilled with whatever you choose!!

By the way: I just copied this comment--and am going to post it to my blog, since I've never actually written out my camera info!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Zach, I'm such an amateur that I can't help you pick out a camera. But I'm really starting to get interested in a better camera myself, but I don't know a thing about them! I have a good friend who's guiding me along a bit. But I think I need a class or something. So you'll be gone this summer? What's up? I'd miss my garden too much!

Jessica said...

Get the Nikon D40! I love mine!

Oregon Chick said...

Zach if you get a new camera, then send me your old one! I agree with Dan that you should just get an older model b/c we both know that Shawn's work great and the lenses are so $$$. I love looking at your blog, b/c you have such great pictures. Keep up the good work!

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Zach,
I'll put my 2 cents worth in here for the Fuji Finepix S700, which I got last April. That's what we use for all our photos on the blog, so you can get a sense of how it does. Though it doesn't have the flexibility to change lenses like the Nikon, it has an amazing range of settings you can use and takes really good video as well! I used to use a Fuji Finepix 2250 and it was a great little camera, but limited ... the S700 has features I still haven't fully exploited but will eventually. And for a camera you can get for under $200, it's a great deal.

Just some thoughts for your consideration....


Zach said...

So many of you are so helpfull~ Thanks for all the input and experiance that you bring to the market of cameras. I will definatly look at all of your suggestions!


Hope I'm not too late to weigh in on this. I just found your blog and I guess you just found mine today...

I have a Nikon D80. I have the Nikkor 18-200mm lens with VR. I have never been able to get real macro shots with it. For those, I still use my old Nikon CP7600 which is great for macro.

Late last summer we moved from Puget Sound area back to Ohio after 8.5 wonderful years out there. I took 2500+ photos for the 2500+ mile trip with the D80 while driving down the road at 60 mph in a diesel rental moving van. Certainly not a smooth ride. I was astonished at how many good clear shots I got. It VR is amazing.

Zach said...

Thanks for your input on the camera. I have a Nikon S10 and it is my baby. It too has the VR, and I thank God for it every day! What would pics be like without it. So I understand what you are talking about...And no you are not too late!

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