Friday, March 13, 2009

Orchid Forest

Oh wow, it has been a long time since I have posted, and I really need to. I have just been so busy with school, finals are this week, and I have been really busy studying trying to get a great grade in one of my classes!

So a while ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to see some of the most beautiful, colorful, and largest variety of orchids I have ever imagined I could lay eyes on. One of the conservatoires that is near where I live, has been doing what they call . . . the Orchid Forest! That just about describes it. This place is a tropical paradise for those who are tired and weary from the long cold winter! In this exhibit, there were fifty varieties of orchids and many other tropical plants and trees. In the Orchid Forest there were not only orchids, but tangerine trees, Koi Ponds, tropical birds, and a tree house (more like a viewing port), and it was WARM! This was such a fun excursion. My mom and I went to take a brake from school! I had so many pictures to show, but here are a few that sort of show the profile of the pics that I took. As you can tell there is a huge variety of orchids out there, heck, some of them don't even look like orchids. Some of the pics that I posted are not orchids. The glass orange, red and yellow structure is called the Sunset Tower. It was made by Dale Chihuli and is by far one of my favorite peices by him. It was even more beautiful in the setting of all of these orchids! Very cool!


Iowa Victory Gardener said...

Hi Zach,
Lovely shots of the orchids ... aren't they amazing in their diversity of color and form? And Wow, that's one wild Chihuli! I shudder to think what the price tag on that little item was!

Oh, and best of luck on your finals!!

Dan said...

I have not been to an Orchid show in ages. Nice photos.

I grow a few orchids mainly Phalaenopsis & Dendrobium both of which you have picture and Oncidium. I have an Oncidium that has flowers that smell just like chocolate, it is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Zach! I have been waiting to see your post from the orchid forest. At first I didn't realize it was your blog, and I thought "Hmm, that looks familiar. I've been there!" LOL Pretty pix, love them all. I loved that Chihuly sculpture too, so bright and colorful. Today I went to Inniswood to see some spring blooms. I'll post about it soon.

Anonymous said...

My new banner photo came from Inniswood, it's winter aconite. I'd never heard of it till I read about it on other blogs. The only reason that I didn't recognize your blog right away is because I have another feed that I follow called Green Mountain Gardner, and she's in Vermont. So for a minute I thought it was hers!

My Mother's Garden said...

Beautiful, beautiful,and more beautiful photos! Sounds as if it was a wonderful visit! I love seeing Chihuly's glass art set in nature.
Good luck on your finals!

lynn'sgarden said...

Hi Zach, nice to meet you. Thanks for visiting my blog..I'm impressed to see someone so young with such a passion, and gardening at that! Will you be studying horticulture in college? Your orchid photos are stunning. I'll be back to read

Zach said...

Orchids really do have such a diverse look, it is amazing!

Are you in Ohio?

I am glad that you liked the photos, it should look familiar. Except I didn't get to see the oranges! :( but that is okay. One of my customers at work brought me in some that he grew!

Thanks for visiting, your self. I really enjoyed your blog. You have a beautiful garden, when I was looking at your past posts!

Final Update:
Okay so here is the news...Some good some bad. I got all A's and one B...the B is the bad news :( He was a terrible professor.

Sunita said...

Great photos, Zach. I love orchids and am always looking for excuses to get some more. You just gave me one! :D

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