Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seeds this Spring - Beets

Okay, so its spring and we are all getting ready for what we will be doing in the garden. This means that we are all getting our seeds. I know that I am. I ended up buying my seeds and then noticed later that one seed company in particular had a great value to the seeds. So lets take a look shall we. Lets look at the beets that I bought.

For zone 5, you want to start seeding your beets outside April 12- May 5.

Here is what I bought

I got these 3 because I wanted a unique blend of beets. I bought Chioggia, Bulls Blood, and Golden. What I noticed was the gram size of the seed packets according to the brand. 

Livingston Seed Co. seems to be the brand to get. They have 4 times as much seed as Lake Valley Seed brand, 4 grams as compared to 1 gram. Plus here is the kicker, Libingston Seed Co. costs less, $0.70 less! Wowzer! Look and compare 

Tell me what you think. I know for sure, that Livingston Seed Co. is the way to go. Not to mention, they they were heirlooms.

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